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"To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art." – La Rochefoucauld

Explore the power of foods and reinvent your lifestyle with an expert plan designed to meet your health & wellness needs. With customized programs extending over a period of one to three months, we provide you with tailor made dietary and nutrition plans created to achieve an improved health condition and help you towards a fitter future.

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Kavita More

Qualified in Dietetics Health & Nutrition

Dedicated to increasing public awareness about healthy eating, Kavita More has entered the sphere of nutrition and dietary regime to help individuals achieve their fitness goals with personalized eating plans and nutritional charts tailored to their lifestyle needs.

With experts skills in dietetics and nutrition planning, her practical approach, unlike quick-fix solutions help improve and maintain lifestyles in the long run. She possesses an excellent ability to assess the needs of her clientele and deliver customized plans which result in improved overall health.

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Balanced diet plan – Focus on high nutrition and the right amount of calories
Tailor made nutrition chart – one that fits into your lifestyle
Practical approach to eating right – without compromising on meals & without necessary restrictions
Fitness oriented program – diet & nutrition plan to achieve desired level of fitness along with exercise regime
Appropriate weight loss solutions – without crash dieting


Our team is well-connected with an expert panel of medical professionals with varying specialities for you to get a personalized opinion on a balanced diet and nutrition plan. This exclusive service will be extended to all clients who have had a medical history or are currently undergoing medication for any health-related condition. The diet & nutrition chart will be customized based on the doctor’s consultation, with close evaluation of your medical records.


The evolution of the fitness industry has led to the growing need among a majority of people to look good, courtesy of social media and the incessant hunger for digital popularity. However, in the race to achieve these goals, most of us are only looking at short-term objectives and immediate results which more often than not.

Will not be helpful in the long-term. When it comes to overall fitness, patience is key, and holistic nutrition is the only solution that will generate the desired results and help you lead a hearty, healthy & happy life. Read on to know more:

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  • Five breakfast dishes to keep you fuelled through the day
  • The best approach to starting a healthy diet
  • Dinner diet – what not to eat before you go to sleep
  • Know when to stop – the tricks to avoid overeating


Kavita More’s excellent diet counselling has helped me to lose 10 kgs and 5% visceral fat over the last 4 months. And the best part is that all this has been achieved without starving or following a crash diet. Her slogan to me- Eat More to Lose More has helped me in understanding a healthy lifestyle and eating good food even if you are eating outside. Her diet plans have been always open to customization as per the individual’s needs. Her valued counselling has helped me in improving various parameters in my health report. Will be recommending her to all my friends and family.

Anurag Somani

(Eureka Stock & Share Broking Services Pvt. Ltd,

Member of BNI Allianz Kolkata Chapter)

Mrs Kavita More’s guidance has helped to lose 9 kgs over the last 5 months. Her charts are so flexible that people of all ages can follow it easily. I would recommend Kavita ji to all my family and friends.

"With my work routine, skipping meals and then over-eating later had become a part of my daily schedule. This lead to excessive fluctuations in my weight which also caused health problems. It was then that I decided to consult an expert and a friend recommended Kavita More. I have to say I am glad I booked an appointment and followed her diet plan to a T. My weight issues are now in control and I have never felt better about my body."

"I was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was eating enough but kept losing weight to the point of looking malnourished. It worried both me and my family. Although I was on medication and it did help but the constant decrease in weight continued being an issue which led to overeating. It was only after I consulted with Kavita More is when I realised that although I was eating a lot, I was not eating right. Her detailed nutrition and diet plan, custom made for me is what helped me with the weight issue and an overall healthier lifestyle."

I take this oppurtunity to thank Kavita more for the diet counselling she had given to my daughter to get a good healthy lifestyle. It is really helpful and she is following it in her daily life and it has improved her health. 

Kavita ji possesses an excellent ability to assess the needs of her client and deliver customized plans which results in improved overall health. meeting Kavita ji wil make you realize that one can get a healthy and active lifestyle without starving or going on crash diets. 

I highly recommend her to my friends and relatives and my fellow members to take her consultation and follow it as she is truly efficient and master in her skill. 

I wish her good luck for everything.

Thank you so much.

I Ritesh Goel , practising advocate at Kolkata high court recommend Kavita More as she takes care of your cravings and gives you lots to eat.

I extend a word of thanks to Kavita ji for helping me in my transformation. Her diet advices has acted as a magic. She is just not a dietician but also a great motivator to follow her balanced diet plans nourished with nutrition and I completely admire the process she follows for the transformation.

Thanks a lot and best wishes always !

Anurag Somani
Vikash Ginoria
Neha Agarwal
Sonali Mitra
Mr. Santosh Lahoti - LLB, ACS
Ritesh Goel